Antroducing: The rapid runners from under the rock (Formica cunicularia)

With only another day left and almost out of tubes and bottles to put them in anyway, we weren't really looking to catch more ants. No more poking holes into rotten tree stumps and the Myrmica colony under the rock on the driveway of the hotel would not be coming home with us.

This meant we could do one more long hike and I would spend a bit more time looking at the distance than near my feet. The previous hike we left the hotel and left, deeper into the forest. Now we turned right, accompanied by Kittenmancer's parents, which led us past the ski piste again and beyond. After a while the chalets and hotels gave way to large mountain pastures where in the summer the shepherds would have their sheep. I was told that 'in the old days' these shepherds would be herding their flocks all the way to Dobrogea (close to where we were before), walking for hundreds of kilometers.

No sheep to be seen now though. Only the buzz-cut that they had left upon the landscape. I figured tha…

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